Tree Stump removal cost calculator.

Some things to consider.

The calculator on the right will give an actual cost.
However some factors that may cause the actual price to be slightly different are:
  • Incorrect measurement of stumps.
  • Steps up or down.
  • Narrow access.
  • Raised garden beds.
  • Sloping ground.
  • Proximity to buildings.
  • Proximity to glass areas.
  • Gas and water pipes.
  • Underground cables.

The following conditions can cause damage to the carbide cutting teeth and can increase the cost.
  • Builders rubble.
  • Stoney ground.
  • Buried iron or concrete.

From experience the stump removal cost estimate will be accurate.
A lot of my customers tend to over measure and so the quote is actually less when I measure up and confirm a price before starting.

If you are interested in having your stumps removed make sure you let me know what stump diameter you were using to generate the quoted price.

This calculator applies to the Melbourne Metropolitan area only.

To calculate an approximate stump removal cost, simply go through the following steps.

  1. Select which system of measurement you like to use:

The approximate cost of your stump removal is:

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To start over, you may

Accurate measuring Instructions for the Stumps cost Calculator.

Image showing how to measure a stump for a correct quote.
This example of measuring the stump is quite straight forward. One simply measures from one side of the stump to the other at the widest part.

If you have a few stumps, add up the total diameter and enter that into the correct field.
image of How To Measure A Stump Correctly
From this image it can be more easily seen how we would measure the stump at the widest point at ground level, in order to work out the stump removal cost.

If you are unsure of how to measure your stump, feel free to call and discuss it.
To book a quote or ask a question, call me now on - 0423528988.